Need a base for frequently asked questions

I am compiling some frequently asked questions from my organizations, and instead of a spreadsheet, I think an Airtable would be a better option because I will be categorizing the questions in multiple ways.

I didn’t see a base template that looked like this kind of thing, so I wondered if anyone has something I could use before I start building from scratch.

My data elements will be (I think):

  • Question
  • Answer
  • Audience (one or more)
  • Create Date
  • Last Updated
  • Active/Inactive flag (in case some questions become obsolete)
  • Domain or Department (subject area of question, might be one or more)
  • Review status (a way to inventory all questions to see if any need to be udpated)

Thanks in advance for the help!

I see three tables, the Questions, Answers, and Departments. A few reasons I would do it that way that I could explain. Should be an easy project. If you would like to talk about it, and possibly have me work on it shoot me a message.

I was thinking maybe someone had already solved this problem and could put something out in the base universe (or share with me directly). It doesn’t look difficult, but I was just looking to not reinvent the wheel.

And unless you just love to do this as a hobby and wanted to do it for free (I assume not), then I’ll thank you for your offer, but decline. I can probably figure it out.

Hi @Jenny_Nunemacher1

I took a bit of a deep dive into a bunch of Airtable posts and I managed to find a discussion thread about premade data bases. Perhaps the different structures can give you some ideas on how to setup your database.

Here is the link:

Mary K

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