Need a Fancy Formula (;

I have been perusing the community forum and topics trying for hours to create a new date in a field for 6 days out by using a different date field as the base number. For example, I have a field named ‘Lead Mag Date’ where the date is input manually. I would like another field named ‘Day 6 Call’ to automatically populate the correct date for 6 days later. (i.e., Lead Mag Date 7/14/2020; Day 6 Call 7/19/2020.

Here is the formula I was trying to create:
DATETIME_DIFF({Lead Mag Date}TODAY(),‘days’) + 6, {DAY 6 CALL} = ‘MM/DD/YYYY’)

Any suggestions? Thank you for your help. It is much appreciated.

Welcome to the community, @Caroline_Chavez!

You’ll want to use the DATEADD function like this:

DATEADD({Lead Mag Date}, 6, 'days')

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Thank you for your quick feedback. Here is what I ended up using and it worked:

DATETIME_FORMAT((DATEADD({Lead Mag Date}, 5, 'days')), 'L')

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