Need a foreach function for rollup/array fields


I have multiple needs for a foreach function that would execute on each element of an array. (Side note, there’s nothing that seems to properly count the number of elements in the array.)

The main example is a Date Field on one table being rolled up into a list of dates on another table. All formatting is removed. The only options in the rollup are array functions after the dates are already joined into the “values” variable in the field. Then the result is not a date and cannot be formatted. If we could do a foreach, there would be a tremendous amount of power available and I could address this situation easily by saying “Do X on each element of the rollup values, then join them together in this format.”


I’d like this too. I want to perform a simple multiplication on each element within an array.

Have you found any workarounds, Andy?


Nope. Haven’t found any solutions yet. A cross-product like you are looking for would be useful as well.