Need an integration: maps + directions + routing


We have a list of jobs with locations.
We can view them on a map as individual markers.

But we’d like to view all the jobs that are in a day as a route.


Alternatively: we have a bubble app as well. We’d like an iframe from there to here
But can’t use url preview or embed
url preview:

Cannot use our bubble url

embed app:

Cannot pass dynamic parameters. just a fixed url.

Open to suggestions/workarounds/quick hacks.

Sounds like possibly a simple react extension but not sure.


PM sent, Please check.

Hi @ZubairLK,

I’m not tossing my hat into the ring of suitors for this project but I do have some deep location science experience with Airtable and Bubble data.

The embed app is a crappy choice, but I understand why it might provide a strategy for mapping. I would recommend (in addition) you take a look at this as a possible approach. For complex [integrated] mapping in Airtable, I recommend a custom app.

The Airtable map app is extremely weak, and Google Maps tend to get a little pricey. This is why almost every client I’ve worked for has created maps with MapBox. Routing requires poly-lines which can be supported in Airtable as embedded JSON objects. The polygon outline of a state (for example) is no different than a route as evidenced by this example.

Correct, the limitations are seemingly limitless. :wink: This is why you probably need to think about a custom app - React + Mapbox.

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Indeed, and this is covered in this video. Ideally, everything about Airtable - filtering, grouping, actions - should all be applicable to the papping experience. This is achieved using the Airtable SDK which makes it possible to do this …

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Thanks a lot for the videos and the details. In this particular case, we ended up investing further on the bubble app side.


PM sent, Please check.

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