Need consultant for Web Based Customer Onboarding Flow Powered by Airtable

Hello - we are an accounting firm with a detailed customer onboarding workflow process that we would like to use airtable to make it customer facing on the web.

The workflow will have a series of yes or no questions for the customer. Occasionally we ask the customer to upload documents in response to the questions.

The challenge is making the online questionnaire have a good looking front end so it looks nice for customers. I know Airable has some basic form templates but I don’t think that will look good enough. I’d like to hear options that you can create. thanks!

Below is a super simple example of what I’m talking about. I can give you more examples.

Sample customer questionnaire

  1. Section 1: What Software Systems do you use?
    Section 1A: Do you use Quickbooks Online?
    Section 1B: Do you use Expensify?

  2. Section 2: Please upload your precious financials in excel

Hello Scott,

My name is Eric and I am here to assist you with your Airtable needs. Would you be available to schedule a call so we can discuss your project in detail so I can hear your ideas and provide a price and turn around time to get this going.

If you’d like to discuss your project, please schedule a free consultation with me via this link:

You can also connect with me on linkedin -

Eric Kline

Can you please tell me why you are qualified and / or what you have done like this? Thanks.

Hi Scott,

You have mentioned that you would like to have the user upload docs in response to certain questions. This would require us to use a 3rd party form that has dynamic conditioning, meaning you can show/hide certain questions based on their answers. This information would then be synced to Airtable automatically. I’ve been working with Airtable as a consultant for several years now and have developed similar projects before.

Hi @Scott_Orn

I’ve built a product that does exactly that (, built on top of our general-purpose UI builder (

If you’re still looking, I’d love to talk to you about your project – email me at

Huge thanks. I’ll forward to our team member looking at this.