Need Developer - Create Employee Availability Auto-Populating Base



I am a small business owner and my business is a staffing agency where I have over 100+ contractors for hire. I am looking for someone to develop/code and create a specific airtable base that will work for exactly what I need with my company. I have achieved what I am looking to be done in Google Sheets and I am in hopes that someone can assist me in making it happen using Airtable. Details below:

I am looking to create a MASTER SPREADSHEET that shows employee’s availability. I would like for each Employee to be able to access and update their own availability by blocking off unavailable dates in the table. From there, once they block off particular dates, it would then automatically populate over onto the Master Schedule for me to view. I can then see all employee’s availability and filter as needed.

I would like for the employee’s to only be able to see THEIR availability sheet, and for me to only be able to view the master schedule. I would like to use Airtable for this due to the amazing filtering functions, that way I could filter the Master around dates availability, location, etc.

Is there anyway to achieve this in Airtable. If you would like to message/email me to view how I’ve used Google Sheets previously to make this happen, please let me know and I’ll show you what formula’s I used.

If you think you can help create this base, please submit a quote with your rates.

Thank you!


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Hi Courtney,
This is something that is well within my area of expertise and I would be glad to help you out on it.
You can reach me on
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