Need help creating a column that I can create a graph block from

Hi all, I have an Airtable that has individual movies for rows, and asset types for columns (for example: artwork, title card, etc.). The options for these single-select columns are statuses that each asset is in: ‘NEW’, ‘REQUESTED’, and ‘PUBLISHED’. I want to create a pie graph block that shows the total number of each across the WHOLE airtable, not just for one asset type.

I created a formula column that concatenated all statuses across a row. That might look like: ‘REQUESTED,REQUESTED,NEW,PUBLISHED’. However, using the airtable block for graphs, I can’t break down this concatenation to individual statuses. I could easily convert the concatenation to a multiple select field and make a graph from that, but multiple select field (as far as I know) does not allow for multiple options of the same status.

Any workarounds for this issue that you can think of?

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