Need Help Creating a Purchase Order

Hi Guys,

I need help on whats the best way to create a purchase order. Right now I’m currently creating a template with paper designer and im linking the items with the correct table. Is there a template available which I can look at to use some of the features. So far im at this but i need to add quantity and total price per item and was confused on how to do it without altering anything else. Sort of like an automated thing where I can just enter a static text and it adds the prices.

Screen Shot 2019-12-23 at 1.37.29 PM

Help would be much apperciated.

Thank you

Hi there - looks like you might need a junction table. Take a look at this reply I just wrote regarding a similar situation: Adding weight to produce purchased

This example base might help you as well; it demonstrates how to set up invoices and line items. There is also very basic Invoice (which could easily be turned into a Purchase Order) in the Page Designer Block.

Hope this helps!

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