Need help designing a Scoring System for climbing competitions

I would like to create a scoring system for climbing competitions using airbase.

I’m having a lot of issues with this in general. And I’m sure that I’m not doing it efficiently. Essentially, I want to create a scoring system that can be inputted by multiple judges using one source of competitior names. But the judges won’t be able to put all of the scores of one competitor in at once. One judge will put one score in. And the next judge will put another score in. So I need the ability to update their records.

Let’s say there will be 4 climbs. I would like one judge at each of the 4 climbs. The judge will choose the climbers name from a dropdown box and enter the scores (ie, top, zone, attempts to top, attempts to zone) on an airtable form. The judge on the next climb will also have the same form but will score for the next climb.

1.I created 1 table (named Summary) with all of the climbers and columns for the scores of each of the climbs.
2.I created another table (named Updates) and the airtable forms are created from this table.
3. I then created an automation that would take new information on the Updates table and bring them to the Summary Table.

I think my main issue is trying to get the competitors name to be available via “dropdown” instead of typing it in. I used a field linked to the names in one of the tables. This enabled me to choose from the list of names. But when the form was completed, the name wouldn’t populate in Updates.

This is my form:

And this is what the entry looks like without the name:

Hey James, I think if I were you I’d set this up with a linked field instead.

Consider the following:

  1. Table 1 is called Compiled Scores and each record will be a single climber and will contain all the scores
  2. Table 2 is called Judge Submissions and each record will be a submission from a judge

The workflow for judges would be to select the climber as well as the climb that they are judging, and then input the scores. We would have a single select field for them to pick which climb it was, and we would show the appropriate fields once they select the climb.

E.g. if they select Climb 1, they will only be shown the score fields applicable to Climb 1

The climber field would be a linked field linked to the Compiled Scores table.

We then use a bunch of lookup fields to show everything we need to in the Compiled Scores table

I’ve set up a base for you here and you can duplicate it to customize it.

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Interesting. I’ll try that. ty!

Amazing, works perfectly! Thank you!!!

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