Need help finding the value of a lookup field via Zapier or identifying a cell based on two variables

I’m so frustrated I’m this close to throwing my computer out the window. I’m pretty Zapier fluent but am less than useless with spreadsheets so I apologize in advance for my dumb questions…

I know there are multiple solutions to my issue and I feel like I’ve gotten close with a couple of them but I can’t get any of them to work in the end.

I have a table consisting of info for the respective members of a real estate team I manage that I’m using to pull details from in a zap.

My problem is that some of this information is dependant on two variables that are provided in an earlier step of my zap.

  1. Person Contact (the record)
  2. Apartment Inquired About (the column)

My table has all of this info, the apartment as a column and the person as the primary id of the record, but I need to get the field for a column bases on the person AND apartment variables.

It seems like this should be possible with either a formula directly in Zapier OR via a lookup field in AirTable but I can’t find clear enough instructions on how to write said formula (pretty sure it would be an IF / THEN) and I’ve got as far as to connect a lookup table but from there I can’t figure out how to pull the right option from the lookup field.

I tried using the exact name of the option in the search value field of my find record zap but it’s not working.

And, like I said, that even seems like an unnecessary step if a simple formula would suffice.

I have a feeling this is so elementary that that’s why I haven’t been able to find any solutions to it after spending literally all day trying to figure it out. What am I missing here?

Any help is greatly appreciated.