Need Help — Multiple IF(FIND() statements


I am trying to find a formula to do the following;

• If {CLASS LEVEL} contains “Beginner” return 360
• If {CLASS LEVEL} contains “Level” return 400
• If {CLASS LEVEL} is blank do nothing

This is what I tried:

IF({CLASS LEVEL}="",“blanktest”,
IF(FIND(“Beginner”,{CLASS LEVEL}, “360”),
IF( FIND(“Level”, {CLASS LEVEL}, “400”))))

The only thing that gets returned is the empty cells blanktest.
Please point out any errors I have made!


Actually, I think I got it!

This seems to work:

IF(FIND(“Beginner”,{CLASS LEVEL})=1,“360”,
IF(FIND(“Level”, {CLASS LEVEL})=1,“400”)


Yes, you have to be careful with the parentheses, you were not closing the FIND functions correctly.