Need help setting up autism intervention database and creating custom reports


I’m looking for some help setting up my database. Let me tell you briefly about my project and goals. I have an autism assessment tool (5 versions based on age/ability) and I am trying to setup a database of interventions and goals that are linked to items on the various versions. Once complete, I want to enter a set of items, name, gender, and then export the associated recommendations (inserting name and gender references when appropriate).

I have set up a draft of the database. First, I created separate sheets that contain items for each of the 5 versions of the tool. I created another sheet where I enter the intervention and then indicate which versions and items that apply for that intervention. I also enter goals/objectives. I would like be able to provide the system with a set of items and then export a report for that set of items. These are values that don’t need to be stored - they are used to filter only. Also, interventions sometimes use a name or gender reference (he/she). I am typing the interventions with a variable (e.g., [NAME] would benefit from … [HE/SHE] requires . . . ). It would be nice if I could enter basic information, such as name and gender, along with item numbers and then have the interventions fill in the blanks accordingly. Is this possible?

I’m not well versed with Airtable so I would consider myself a beginner.

Thank you for your expert help.