Need help showing subjects taught by a teacher linked from another table and clustering word from form

Hi, new to airtable. So I have three tables, A. Subjects, B. Teachers, C. Activities.

In table A there’s ‘taught by’ column linked to the teachers’ name from table B (there might be more than one teachers per subject) and ‘length’ column of the lesson taught (in minutes per week simple number e.g. 15, 60, 75 etc.).

In table C is form submitted by teachers. Linked to the Subject records and contains things like “playing blocks”, “drawing family”, “playing games with family”

I’m trying to

  1. Show all subjects taught by a teacher in the B table
  2. Count the total subjects taught by a teacher in the B table
  3. Count the total hours per week a teacher is teaching in the B table
  4. Show the count of unique terms/words from table C from the example to get ‘playing: 2’, ‘family: 2’, ‘drawing: 1’ etc. or a word cloud

I tried roll up but it always shows 0 and I can’t find the search term of what I’m trying to do.

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