Need help to build my personal airtable

Hi! I am building a digital bullet journal for my personal use and would like to hire a coach/consultant that could help me. I saw templates but I would like to have some tailored/complex features and I tried to do them myself but it takes a lot of time to even understand the right question/point of view, so I would be grateful if someone could coach me through it and potentially also delegate full parts of it and save a lot of time.

Is someone interested?

Thanks, and looking forward,
Have a nice day,

Hi @Giulia_Girardi,

Let me know what exactly you are looking for and I can help you. Contact me on


Hi @Giulia_Girardi,

Sent you a direct message. Do check it out. Thanks!

Hello @Giulia_Girardi ,

I’d Glad to assist you.
PM Sent, Please Check.

Very Best Regards
Carter W

Hi Giulia,
Having worked on some complex Airtable bases in the past, I would be happy to help you out on this.
You can reach me on
Best Wishes,

Hi Giulia ,
I am interested to discuss your Digital journal setup.
Available at


Get in touch at

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