Need Help with a few features. (New User)

Hello everyone,

Basically, I am using your Orders Tracking & Invoicing Template to test drive a use case scenario for our team.

When I switch from Grid View to Calendar View to see each Task on a Calendar, I am not able to set up my preferences for how the task in Calendar view should get labelled with Task Name.

Also, I am not able to set a formula for "automatic calculation of Payment Due Date by adding the number of days for Payment Terms (for example Net 30 Days) to get the Invoicing Date automatically.

Also, I am not able to set the format for a Date field to MMM-YY.

Any ideas?


Airtable should show each record in the Calendar view titled as the value for the primary field (which is the first field on the left in Grid Views). Is that not happening here?

You will need to make a formula field with a formula like this, which assumes you have one field reporting a {Start Date} of some sort and a field for {Number of Days} from which to calculate the invoice date:
DATEADD({Start Date}, {Number of Days},'days')

To have dates display that way, use another formula field with this formula: DATETIME_FORMAT({Date field},'MMM-YY'). Note: this formula will produce a string, which Airtable cannot readily use for additional calculations. Recognize that this will output a purely aesthetic version of the original date field.