Need help with a Nested IF/And formula, overlap


IF(AND({Days Until Event}<=7, {Hours From Last Check}<-36), “yes”, IF(AND({Days Until Event}>7, {Hours From Last Check}<-71), “yes”, IF(AND({Days Until Event}>31, {Hours From Last Check}<-160), “yes”, “check”)))

Wondering if there is a quick fix to this formula or it needs to be redone with a different approach. The problem i’m having is an overlap between the two nested IF/AND formulas containing >7/>31. It is returning a yes for events over 31 days that have been checked >-160, and i want it to return a check for events over >31 <-160. I know this is due to the previous nested IF statement of >7/<-71.

Also if I could change the hours from last checked field to a positive integer this is the formula for that field.
DATETIME_DIFF({Refilled}, TODAY(), ‘minutes’) / 60


Why is it negative? :thinking: So you want this?

{Hours From Last Check} < (-36)

Note the negative sign. Si the “last” check is 36 hours in the future?