Need help with airtable input (User interface?)

Couple of questions about solutions or possible workarounds for Airtable. Trying to decide if I should quit using it and move on to something else since i feel like I’m trying to shoehorn it into my needs. It does however do a few things very well so that’s why I’m really trying to make it work.

Long story short, I have a small company with a small number of employees(4) who use this airtable. It’s a contracting company with non user savvy people involved. Most of the data input will be using the mobile app.

First minor annoyance that would be really appreciated if anyone can help me solve it. I have a series of table links throughout my base.



Also I have other links which reference the same.



Can I have the link only display equipment linked to the customer for selection? As opposed to searching through a thousand appliances in the table? (Not sure if I’m explaining this right?)


I have a TASKS table. If that task is billable it gets linked to a record in the workorders table. TASKS is already linked to CUSTOMERS and EQUIPMENT.

Is there a way to transfer those links to the new WORKORDERS record created?


Signatures on the mobile app. I’ve looked through the community forums and see that people have asked for this for years now. Is there a working solution to this now? I needs a mechanics signature and a customers signature in the WORKORDERS record.


Hiding fields in the editor (Expanded Record View?) based on other fields.


I have a PARTS table to automatically select some common used parts in the WORKORDERS table. If those parts aren’t available or the mechanic wants to manually put something in the parts with a custom price I’ve also added manual fields for this purpose. This makes the amount of fields to scroll through insane. I’m wondering if there’s a way to automatically hide them if they aren’t needed. So when a mechanic links something from the PARTS table the manual field disappears or vice versa.

There’s probably more I needs to ask but I’ll start with this lol.

I may not have explained what i’m trying to well, so please ask me to clarify.

I can help you build mock-up.

Link to CustomersEquipmentsWorkorders base from which I am attaching screenshots is as following

Customers are as following

Equipments are as following

Customer-Equipments linked are as following

Customer1 is selected in the form

Now adding equipment shows all the equipments 1-5
but you would like to show only equipment1,equipment2 because they are the only equipments attached with customer1.



Please check answer in

by @Justin_Barrett in which reference of @W_Vann_Hall is there for conditional logic in form.


Thanks Neal I’ll check it out.

Also thanks as well for your earlier work. I never saw it until I just got this notification.