Need help with block views

I’m looking for some support to help with block views.

We have 30 + clients who are all at various stages of progress and Id like a single block view to help me see.

  1. A client paid for 10 and has 8 booked, 2 remain
  2. Overall view of meetings, ie 150 paid for - 50 booked in
  3. Status of meetings etc

Hi @carl_gough,

Thanks for reaching out about configuring your blocks!

It sounds like the chart block might address your needs here. Based on a particular view, you can group data so that it’s more granular and easier to interpret quickly:

Given that you’re hoping to see several different data points in one visualization, it’s possible you may need two separate chart blocks to include all of the information. I wonder if a pivot table might also work here, but you might run up against the same issue.

You can read about Airtable Blocks here or by clicking “Install Block +” in a blocks dashboard within your base! I hope my suggestions get you started in the right direction, but if you come up with a different solution that works well, please feel free to share here.

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