Need Help with formula please

Hi all, a bit new to this, hoping someone can help me.

I’m trying to create a formula to bring in a date from another table if the item exists.
For example
Table 1 - Product info
Item Name
Date delivered (I want to bring in Batch date to this field if Item Name exist in Items Included below)

Table 2 - Delivery batches
Batch Name
Items Included ( this is linked to Table 1 with multi select)
Batch Date

How can I build a formula to bring in the Batch date into Date Delivered if the Item Name exist in the Items Included?

Hi @B_Bok,

Since the Items in Table 2 are connected to Table 1, you therefore have a field in Table 1 named Delivery Batches, correct?

Set the {Date Delivered} Field in Table 1 as a Lookup (Customize Field Type), it will ask you which Field to link to, you will have one option which is Delivery Batches, and choose the Batch Date Field.


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thank you Mo. that worked beautifully. is there a way to do this using a formula in case I want to add another condition like an if batch type = “food” to bring in the date?

Hi @B_Bok,

Im glad it worked.

As for the second question, if i understand correctly, there will be no way to do so without messing up your data. Since you will have several items marked as Food, the date that will be returned will be for all items marked as Food. I guess this is not what you want?

Tell me more about what you are trying to achieve and where will this Batch Type fit in both Tables and I ll try to help if it is possible.


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