Need help with formulas and due date calculation


I need to know if this is possible. I have a table that lists projects, with two different “priorities”, so to speak. One we need to meet on every 7 days, one we need to meet only once per month. I can add in our most recent meeting date, and then calculate a date from that. It’s simple…until I need to calculate the next meeting due date based upon priority. This probably doesn’t make sense, sorry.

I tried nesting the dateadd within an if then statement, but I kept getting an error.

Writing it out, this is what I need:

If priority = A, then due date is most recent meeting plus 7 days
Else due date is most recent meeting plus 30 days

Right now, I just have the two project types in different tables to keep the calculations simple, but I’d like them all in one table. Ideas??


This is three priorities - +7, +30, and +45 days…

The formula uses simply nested IF() logic. IMPORTANT - the – else – lines are inserted to help you understand the logic - these are not part of the formula.

IF({Priority} = "A", DATEADD({Last Meeting},7,'days'),

– else –

IF({Priority} = "B", DATEADD({Last Meeting},30,'days'),

– else –

DATEADD({Last Meeting},45,'days')))

Complete Formula

IF({Priority} = "A", DATEADD({Last Meeting},7,'days'), IF({Priority} = "B", DATEADD({Last Meeting},30,'days'), DATEADD({Last Meeting},45,'days')))

Given you have only two cases – 7 days and 30 days – a single IF function will take care of it, as @Bill.French pointed out. Here’s a different way to state the formula, which takes advantage of the fact that you’re working solely with days as the unit:

DATEADD( {Last Meeting} ,
	IF( {Priority} = "A" ,

If you ever find yourself needing more priority levels, you can try the SWITCH function, which was designed to handle a large number of “options”. Here’s Bill’s example with three priority levels, this time using the SWITCH function:

DATEADD( {Last Meeting} ,
	SWITCH(	{Priority} ,
		"A", 7,
		"B", 30,
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