Need help with linking


I am trying to build a base for a nonprofit that will have several tables; these tables need to have forms associated, and also link information from each other.

What I want is for the first form used creates the new “event” this form gathers several things; name. priority, volunteers, time requested, and similar. I already have this set up by importing an existing csv, One of the columns has a status level to indicate priority, I was able to set up a view to show only active events. I also was quickly able to add a volunteers table by linking it from the existing data which give a list of events they participated in.

Now comes my problem; I want to be able and have a second form that users can provide summary updates of progress. These have several different types; morning, end-of-day, status change, etc. These all will likely include other volunteers, not in the initial report. I cannot seem to figure a way to add a dropdown selection on the form that is created from the active events, or a drop down of the volunteers. The goal is to help with quickly being able to post these updates and have them update the status table with priority changes, and who is working on it.

Any thoughts? Maybe I need a formula? Do I need some other reference tables? Whats my best approach?



I realize it’s been a while since you posted this, but I wanted to see if you found a way to do this or if you’re still looking for a good solution.

What it sounds like the best solution is to have a 3rd sheet in the base which you’d use to build out the “update” form. You’d have to settle on a key field since you already have an Events and Volunteer table, so perhaps something like using a formula to combine the two fields would be best; what you’d do in the form you build is have fields that link to the other tables which will effectively give a search of all the unique values in each (events and volunteers) for the form-filler to select from. Then you’d have all the other fields available as Long Text most likely. Using lookup fields you can autopopulate info like the Volunteer’s phone number or anything else you have catalogued that you’d want in this new form.

I hope this helps, but if not let me know and I’ll try to dig in a bit more with you. Have a great day!