Need "If" Statement to calculate referral amt if there is a name in the referral name field

I’ve been fighting this and researching long enough. here is what I currently have that doesn’t work: IF({Referral Name}}, “Field is Not Empty”),{Commission}{Referral %},"")*

If Referral Name field is not blank or empty,
Calculate Commission field multiplied by Referral %
Otherwise, leave return a blank field.

Help! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Airtable community!

When translating your ideas from English into Airtable’s formula language, the resulting sentence has different words and punctuation.

Instead of this …

Try this …

IF( {Referral Name}, {Commission} * {Referral %} )

Thanks for the welcome, Kuovonne! And, more importantly, thank you for the solution. It works but I don’t understand why I don’t need the other half of the logic statement. Is it because if the condition is NOT met I don’t want anything to happen?

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Correct. Since you don’t want a value if the condition is not met, you can omit the last part of the IF. In fact, when you don’t want a value if the condition is met, it is better to omit the last part of the IF than to include something. If you include the empty text string ("") then your answer will be converted to a text string, even when you want a number.

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