Need 'record deleted' event

We need a new event type in airtable for deleted records, so that we can trigger actions either in automations or in Zapier / MAKE based on that event.

Example: When a record is deleted in airtable, I need to delete corresponding data in another database (external tool)

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Airtable doesn’t have an event for deletion - it’s been an open request for at least 3 years now and there’s been no response to suggest it will ever be implemented.

I believe this is untrue. A few months ago they made the events API accessible by (I think) all users and it is capable of firing events when fields and records are removed from any view.

The link you provided to webhooks API documentation has been removed. Do you know if it’s available somewhere else?

A brief search through the support forums shows multiple open requests for airtable to add a Deleted event for triggers - some dating back to 2016! None of them seem to have replies from the airtable team.

I think this is just for enterprise accounts.

Initially, I thought the same until I used it with my Pro account. I believe @openside also verified this was available for all who dare use it.

Its enterprise only.

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If you use our On2Air: Actions with its Zapier connector, you can “fake” a deleted records trigger by using a Checkbox field and label it something like ‘DELETE ME’ (or anything else), then once configured if you check one of those boxes it will pull in that record so it can be used in Zapier, and then instantly delete the record. Not ideal, but a workaround.


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I actually recall testing this and had a test harness with results from the API using my Pro API key. I tried it again - failed. That’s too bad. How many non-enterprise accounts would actually go to the trouble of using this API? Near zero I suspect, so why limit it?

In any case, another trick - maintain a hash index of record IDs and test (every 15 minutes) for any IDs that are missing. That’s about the best you could do.

Zapier doesn’t have a “delete record” action. Does On2Air Actions have a “delete record” action that is run through the REST API (versus scripting)?

One of the issues with “faking” a deleted record is that people can still delete records the normal way. A workaround for that is to set the table permissions so that only one user can delete records. Then, use that person’s API key when actually deleting the record through the REST API.

But a native automation with a “deleted record” trigger that provides the values of the record just before deletion would be ideal.

But this does Sequin.

Architecturally, I cannot imagine it working without some tricks.

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Kuovonne, no idea on the technical side of it, but Actions has these Update types available:

Update (Insert) Single Record - Performs an update to a single Airtable record or creates a new record, if desired

Create New Single Record - Creates a new single record (No Updates )

Delete Single Record - Automatically delete first matching record and return the record when criteria is met

Update (Insert) Multiple Records - Performs a bulk update to Airtable records or create new records, if desired

Delete Multiple Records - Automatically delete any matching records and return them in bulk when criteria is met

Create New Multiple Records - Creates multiple new records (No Updates)

On2Air Actions - Updates

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