Need Recurring Event in Calendar View via pro Plan

Hello All,

I am creating a roadmap for my business and i need to setup the following event.

Happy Hour - 7-9pm occurs Mon - Sat from 9/21/20 to 11/21/20

Kettle Bell Class - 5-6pm every Mon/Wed to run for a year 9/21/20 to 9/20/21

I have the pro plan. But, i simply want a calender to display these things. I have tried date ranges, but the times aren’t calculated.
I have gotten it to work if I create a record for every individual day, but that is extremely time consuming. There has to be a better way.

Can anyone help with steps? I know some people have discussed creating a linked table, but I can’t seem to get this to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Welcome to the community, @Bryan_Hylenski! :smiley: The way that the calendar view works, it requires individual records for each event that it displays. It’s not designed to act like a full-fledged calendar application, where one event can have a recurring pattern tied to it and the calendar auto-generates all of those items. It’s designed to operate as a specific way of viewing the dates tied to the records in a table, so your table will require one record for each event you wish to display.

The linked table can only go so far in terms of helping with this setup. The biggest advantage it could give you is a way to separate the individual event records from their “parent” event type. For example, you could have an [Event Types] table. One record is “Happy Hour” with notes on its overall start and end dates and weekly schedule. Another is “Kettle Bell Class” with its general details. Each of these would then link to their respective individual event records on an [Events] table.

Instead of creating these events manually, you could write a script with the Scripting app to create them for you. With the specific patterns you’re seeking, it would take a little work, but it’s definitely doable. If you’d like help crafting such a script, send me a PM.


Hello Justin,
Thank you, that is a very clear explanation. I would potentially like your help setting that up. What is the best way to PM you. I don’t see an option within airtable for that?

Click on his name, and click “Message”.

@Bryan_Hylenski I could use some help with creating recurring events as well if you would be so kind in assisting.