Need to be able to DISABLE SHARING!

I know that Airtable is designed to be like the friendly and convenient corner store, not like an Amazon distribution center that uses metal detectors and employs armed security guards. I love that about Airtable.

But the inability to shut the doors to this convenience store is, for me and my clients, a deal-breaking problem. I wish that any (or all) of the following were possible:

  • Creator should have option to hide the share button for all non-creator users.
  • If creators aren’t given ability to decide who can share/not share the base, then at least read-only users should NOT have the ability to share. When I think “read only”, I don’t think “read and make a copy for all your friends and let them make copies for all their friends…”.
  • Finally, it needs to be possible to restrict users to using what they’ve been given. To this end, should be a privileges level just below Editors called perhaps “End Users”. End Users should be allowed to edit data in records but NOT edit locked views. That is, for End Users, the “create private view” button would disappear.


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Thinking more about this, if a user is read-only, and they don’t have a share button, that’s only an inconvenience to sharing it. They still can see the information, it’s just a little harder (screenshots, data entry) to share it with others.


Yes, yes, there is no way to prevent people from capturing info on screen, no matter what you do. But that doesn’t mean you have to make things EASY for them. I’m aware that anybody can take a screenshot of my photos on Flickr, but I still disable right-click downloading.

In Airtable, it just seems obvious to me that lower-level users (commenters and especially read-only) should never SEE the “share” button. Or that, at a minimum, whether they see that button or not, should be a decision made by the creator or owner and not by somebody else.



So no update to this thread? I too want the ability to disable “Download” button for users who we have provided Read only access. Is it hard to implement?

@Vineet, it is now possible to disable re-sharing by your users. I believe this is a recent development.

Is it possible to KEEP SOMEONE OUT of an Airtable base? - Ask the community / Collaboration - Airtable Community Forum

As I say in that post (see link above), this is HUGE.

Add in the less-recently added ability to lock views and control editing access field-by-field, and for the first time it can at least CONSIDER letting clients of mine have direct access to an Airtable base, rather than having to protect the base by building a front-end in Stacker or Softr or Miniextensions or whatever.


Thanks WP_Rucksack.
I went through your thread. It was a great read on what transpired to this feature addition!
This a nifty feature that was added.

I, however was looking at some other issue, explained here: Need to disable downloading images

Which I think is unfortunately is still not possible.