Need to link to a more powerful tabbed form

I need to be able to update existing fields and create new records using a much more complex form than what Airtable currently offers. I need something more like an old-school multi-tabbed MS Access form, or to be able to view Airtable data through that style of interface. This is for internal record keeping, not client interface. I can’t do it with the available view formats in Airtable, and all of the alternative forms (Word Press, Google, Formstack) seem to use the same simple format as an Airtable form. Each form would correspond to a variety of chemical sampling performed for a client on a given day. I need multiple tabs for different sample types for each, and to display calculated values based on values entered. Is there a two-way on-demand sync with Google sheets or Excel that update Airtable from multiple sheets, and vice-versa? Any other ideas?

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