Need to show date and time as stored in ISO 8601 format with UTC offest

Hello all,

I want to display my Event Start Time and Event End Time as ISO 8601 format.
I need it in this format so that when I export the csv and import into Adalo (no code app builder) that it will accept the time and date format correctly.

The “Local Start Time” field is the airtable user’s local time. They input the time there, then select the Event time zone. The “Event Time Zone” field has a formula to show the correct time in that time zone.

I want to also create a column to show the “Event Time Zone” in ISO 8601 format and with the correct UTC offset. I need this because I need to export this airtable and import it into Adalo as a csv.

I saw a user “Kuovonne” do something similar, but I can’t figure out the formula to get the correct format and utc offset.

This is the output that Kuovonne showed that I am looking for.
date and time iso format copy

To display the date/time in ISO 8601 format, just create a formula field that references your date/time field and forces it to be a string.

{Event Start Time} & ""

Note that the resulting string will be in GMT. It will not have the specified timezone.

That is getting me closer. The time and date will upload now, but how do I set the correct time zone or utc offset?

The UTC offset for this area is -7

Thanks for your help

It should display as 1:00am as I have it here, but when imported it comes in as 6:00pm


My sample base & training video show you how to get the offset:

Thanks Scott and Kuovonne.

Scott, I used your video for my original calculations.

Kuovonne, I realized I needed to make the conversions from the local time since that would be in the correct gmt zone. Once I did that the times imported correctly.

Thanks to both of you for your help.

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