Need to undo a specific task that I did

I changed a field view from a normal input cell to a formula cell and all of the data was erased. I need to know how to go back and just undo that change as I worked for several hours on other tasks and I don’t want to undo all of that work just to get that data back. How can I do this please?

If your window is still open, you can type command-Z (Mac) or control-Z (Windows) to undo. You can also undo multiple actions by doing that multiple times.

Sadly I did about 2 hours worth of inputs on other cells and fields before coming back to this field view and saw that the data was not there. I was hoping, like cells, I could go back into a field view and see the revision history and revert the data back. Thank you for your time, I always appreciate any help. Thanks!

You can check if you have a recent backup with all of your data in it. Click on the little clock in the upper right of the toolbar, choose Snapshots, and you will see a list of dates/times of recent snapshots.

Alternatively, you can view each record’s activity history to see what the values in each record were previously set to, prior to you converting the field to a formula.

Thank you, I will use the snapshot idea. there are to many records to change individually. Thanks again!

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