Need Workflow Suggestions - Managing Partners as a Whole & Individually


How do I manage multiple partners from both global and individual perspectives?

I manage 15+ B2B partner companies, which covers every aspect of our agreement & relationship. (i.e. marketing activities, event opportunities, internal sales enablement, integration dev work, etc.). Each partner has 3-5 contacts I work with and I also work with multiple internal departments across a very large organization.

Need & Use Cases:
Sometimes I need to view all partner information from a combined/global perspective, and other times I want to just see items for specific partners. I’d like to be able to:

  1. Give partners editing permission on everything related to their account. So they’re empowered/informed and not reliant on me.
  2. Filter and review partner specific info during our weekly virtual meetings.
  3. Group all partners by name, activity type, asset type, integration type, renewal date, etc. (giving global view internally used with boss and colleagues).

ONE WRINKLE: In addition, I have colleagues that do the same thing and have the same needs but our bosses want to see ALL partner data together. Essentially, having one giant partner base.

Options I’ve Considered with Big Cons

  • Keep them combined and generate certain shared views, but this wouldn’t allow full access to navigate the base or to be able to edit/contribute. It would also require generating and managing many custom links to different views and tables.
  • Or I could give them all their own base, but I don’t really want 15+ additional bases and I would lose the ability and convenience of viewing, grouping, filtering globally.