Nested conditions in Automation Trigger not available yet

It looks like right now it is not possible to create nested conditions in Automations for the Trigger.

For instance, my trigger would say:

  1. WHEN… (part 1)
  2. AND … (part 2)
  3. … OR (part 3a)
    … OR (part 3b)

Either part 3a or 3b will fulfil the point # 3.

I know this can be done by adding the OR conditional field (for 3a and 3b) right in the table and then reference the # 3 condition here without using OR statement.

Just wanted to confirm this is currently a limitations, correct?

Correct, you can’t nest AND/OR filters, but you can do that inside a Formula field and use that as the trigger.

IF(AND(1, OR(2, 3)), "true", "false")


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