Nested emoji formulas

I have a formula that puts a checkmark in front of the Task name if the task is done. It works fine.
IF({DONE}="",{Task Name},“:white_check_mark:”&{Task Name})&" "&DATETIME_FORMAT({DUE DATE},‘M-D’)

I want to add another condition and can’t figure out the syntax. If the event is not done but is past the {Due Date}, I want a :no_entry: emoji in front of the Task Name. I am not sure how to incorporate that in front of the task name.

Any help would be appreciated.

I figured out how to do this and thought I would post it in case it helps anyone else out.

IF(AND({DUE DATE}<TODAY(),{DONE}=""),“:red_circle: “,””)&IF({DONE}="","",":white_check_mark: ")&{TASK NAME}&DATETIME_FORMAT({DUE DATE},‘M-D’)

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