Nested If Statement for Deadlines

I’ve been trying diligently to find my solution on the board, but I can’t seem to find it. My formula works in excel, but it’s not working here in Airtable, and I can’t decipher why.

I have an “Due Date” column and an “Invoice Date” column, and I’m looking to create a column that tells me if the status is “complete” (we have an invoice date), “Overdue” (we don’t have an invoice date and the due date is past today", or “Not due yet” (we don’t have an invoice date but the due date has not passed."

Here’s how I’ve created the formula, but I keep getting an error:
=IF({Invoice Date}<>"",“Complete”,IF({Due Date}<TODAY(),“Overdue”,“Not due”))

Please let me know what I’m doing wrong! Thank you for your help.

Hi @Alexis_Urquhart - you’re nearly there. Try this:

IF({Invoice Date},'Complete',IF({Due Date} < TODAY(),'Overdue', 'Not due'))

I think the issue was comparing {Invoice Date} <> "". This doesn’t work in Airtable. Instead you can just do:

IF({Invoice Date}, ........)

which translates as “If Invoice Date exists”.



To add to Jonathan’s solution, if there’s ever a future situation when you need to see if A is not equal to B, the basic format that Airtable recognizes is:

IF(A != B, ... )

Yet another way is to test for equality (or greater, lesser, etc), then invert the result by wrapping it in a NOT function:

IF(NOT(A=B), ... )