Nested Tables - Many tables with same structure

I am building a list of Italian verbs. It grows as my knowledge of Italian does. Currently I have the six persons for each verb in the present tense only. (io - I, tu - you, lui/lei - he/she, voi - we, noi - you, loro - they). I want to start adding other tenses like past for example. But it occurs to me that it might be better design to have the six persons and then have each of them contain the tenses. So a table of persons, each containing several tense fields. Then in the main table, I would want to be able to sort or group by either.
I may not be explaining this correctly. Apologies. Can I do this in my Base? Do I need to add an app?


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I have a similar table for Spanish verbs. I recommend keeping a single table for verb conjugations. There are only six persons and a handful of tenses. You can use different views to sort based on person or tense. Plus, you will eventually have verb forms that do not correspond to a specific person–like past and present participles.

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Thank you for the reply. I am still pretty early in my learning of Italian, so I will take your advice and keep my table simple. Thank you

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