Nesting and organization for formulas

Like the example in the screenshot, I’m trying to organize my formulas for easier viewing. How in the bleep do you get formula onto a new line? Or indented? Is using an external editor the only way?!? I was wholly expecting the “Enter” key to do the trick, but not dice. What am I missing?

Hi @Steve_Hazeltine1!
Airtable handily remembers indentations when you save a formula, but unfortunately you can’t create beautifully indented formulas directly in Airtable. I personally use Notepad++, but other free editors are available.

To get a new line you in your editor, without causing an actual linebreak in the output, you use Shift+Enter. For the actual indentation you use the Tab key. Unfortunately I don’t know the corresponding keys for Mac if you’re a Mac user.

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Yes. Any plain text editor will work, but a code editor really helps with indenting and parentheses and quote matching.

Hmm- Well, at least good to know I’m not losing my marbles. Was starting to feel crazy, trying to figure out how to add in spaces etc.

Thanks for the replies you two!

It seems like Airtable retains some formatting in the formula fields if you’re using Chrome, but it doesn’t retain any formatting at all if you’re using Safari.

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