Nesting Functions in Formulas


I would like to nest an additional function at the “then” part of the IF formula:
IF(JobDoneOn = “”, “Due” , DATETIME_FORMAT(JobDoneOn , ‘DD/MM/YY’))

So that it reads:
IF(JobDoneOn = “” , “Due” & DATETIME_FORMAT(NextDue, ‘DD/MM’) , DATETIME_FORMAT(JobDoneOn, ‘DD/MM/YY’))

Any ideas?


Hi James

I’ve just tried essentially what you’ve goT:

IF({Date 1} = “”, "Due - " & DATETIME_FORMAT({Date 2}, ‘DD/MM’),DATETIME_FORMAT({Date 1}, ‘DD/MM/YYYY’))

and the results were perfect:

Am I missing something?


Thank you Julian - I think I needed some sleep to realise I needed to change the formula in the date field I was referencing to use DATETIME_PARSE :stuck_out_tongue: