Network and Tree View for Airtable!

Airtable is changing the face of software applications by separating data from form.

The Gantt, Timeline, Calendar and Kanban views are awesome. Why have special apps for these functions when your data underneath can be visualised as needed!

My product suggestion is that a Network and Tree View be added.



Technically these are all Directed Acyclic Graphs and there are myriads of use cases where business data forms either a hierarchy or a flow graph.

  • Organisation Charts
  • Bill of Materials
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Product classification systems
  • Task networks (which complement the Gantt View)

etc etc.

Anyone else see value in a data driven view like this?


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Has anyone actually implemented this for defining a project’s work breakdown structure or for doing story point estimation based on a proposal, or for any type of cost estimation to forecast LOE and budget estimations?