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I’m trying to figure out a formula to give me the following info in our age of Corona…
I want to put a column on our main table that returns either a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ based on data from 2 other tables. I’ve got the tables set up to give me a ‘1’ for a count so all I want is for the column on the main table to read data from those other two tables and give me a yes or no… possible?

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Depending on your table setup, the answer will be yes or no.

For example, if there are linked records between the 3 tables, then you can make 2 Lookup fields that shows the values in the 2 other tables.


I think that’s a yes… it all ties back to a teen name/record. So if there is a “1” count on the 1:1’s table or a “1” on the interactions table, all tied back to the same teen, I want a ‘yes’ to show up on the main table next to that teen’s name. Not sure if that makes sense…

Yes, that makes sense.

What you will do is make 2 lookup fields in the primary table, these 2 fields will lookup the value you want.

You can then make a 3rd field that is a formula to say if one field equals one then yes.


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One more question if I may! I got it all in place and it seems to be working except for I have 1 teen who has an interaction in “weekly 1:1” but not in “weekly interaction” so it’s not returning the yes like I want it to… what’s wrong with my formula?
IF(OR({Weekly 1:1}=1,{Weekly Interactions}=1),“Yes”, “”)

The only reason I can think of for this formula not to work is if the 1 is a string not a number. Is the 1 field defined as a number or as a text? If it is a text, then either convert it to number or put the 1 in the formula between quotation marks. You are using the straight quotation marks not those curly ones, right?

16th line down… there are 1’s in the column, but not returning a yes…

Ah ok, there are several values for each student, didnt know that.

Well, I would then use the Rollup function instead of the Lookup (given that the 0 and 1 are numbers and not text). Use the Max formula in the Rollup field, it will return only 1 value, either 1 or 0 (if there is no 1s).


YES!!! Thank you so much!!! It worked!!


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