New android app install just broke my base

I just installed the android app on my new tablet and it’s unacceptably changed. On my old tablet, when I opened a record in my recipes base, it showed all of the ingredients (they are in a linked table). Now it shows a few records in what appears to be a window that you have to scroll to see all of the records. And it’s way too easy to move out of that window into the main record and wind up scrolling it instead. This is totally unacceptable. I want/need to turn this off so the whole list of linked records shows.

I’m trying to use this as a cookbook and this type of display is not usable, especially when your fingers are covered in food from cooking.

This change has made an already problematic app even worse. If I could use the browser on my tablet to work in Airtable, I would be much happier.

Hey @DEBORAH_GALLEGOS - Sorry you’re having trouble. I actually think this would be one you should flag with the support team, because there’s unfortunately not a lot the community can do about a bug like this.

Best of luck with your issue!

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