New: Attachment annotations

My UX has not changed, so now it’s time to examine the browser. Any changes on the browser side?

This is happening using Firefox 83.0 on a Mac running Mac OS 11.0.1.
Just switched to Safari browser 14.0.1 and the preview mode inside the Attachment field is now working as advertised. It’s also working OK in Chrome Version 87.0. Going to poke through some of the Firefox preferences and settings to see if something there jumps out at me.

I also just tried the Airtable desktop app (Mac v.1.4.4) and that is working OK too, so I guess Firefox is the culprit. Figures since I just started working in that today when I usually default to Safari. Thanks for your diligent comments Bill. I’m usually pretty in depth with stepping through troubleshooting options like this but got caught off guard today. Will report back if a can tweak a Firefox setting to get that browser to work correctly.

Yep, as I suspected. Browsers are generally free to interpret URLs as they see fit and especially in the context of plugins, security settings, and other preferences.

LOVE THIS! I actually suggested this a while back! But, the holy grail for us would be to be able to annotate PDF files! I’m sure that it is just a matter of time but this would be a killer feature!

Congrats for catching up with Dropbox Paper!
Could you also now please allow richer interaction with other attachments: e.g. time-based audio/video commenting?

great app
is it like drawing illustrations
sorry if I am wrong

Yes, please please add PDF annotation. It is one of the most common file types, and plenty of the assets that we create and review are those that we intend to print and make as PDFs. We just started using Airtable for asset review and it has been excellent until there was a screeching halt because I opened up the PDF attachment (which I could easily view like other file types) but could not annotate.

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