New: Attachment commenting ✨

We just released a new feature that allows you to comment on individual attachments in a record. Attachment comments are similar to record comments except you can leave them on any attachment.

This allows you to have separate conversations for each individual attachment in a record, and view attachment comments in the record activity feed.

You can learn more about using this new features in this support article.

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback!


Does the attachment commenting have the same time limit as our revision history?

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Are there any plans to support any other file types such as PDFs?

Hi @Katy_Southard, both attachment comments and regular comments do not have a time limit. Revision history is limited (based on your plan type) but not comments.

Thanks for asking (and sorry for my late reply)!

@Kathleen_Lynch You can make comments about any file type, including PDFs. In the record comment feed you’ll see collapsed sections for attachment comments which when clicked will open the full attachment. You’ll also see a comment bubble directly on the attachment thumbnail (in the expanded record view) that displays how many comments have been made.

Hi Jason, my question was more about the physical drawing/commenting feature on top of the attachments. It looks like the currently supported image types are JPG/PNG/GIF.

Thanks for clarifying! At the moment we just support images and videos for that feature (attachment annotations), but our product team is looking for feedback around supporting other file types like PDFs.

You can follow along with that feature in this topic if you’d like!