New beta: Outlook Calendar Sync

Hi everyone! We’re excited to offer an invitation to try one of our newest features - Outlook Calendar External Source Sync.

With Outlook Calendar Sync, you can sync all of the events within a given date range from an Outlook Calendar into Airtable. From there, you can use all of Airtable’s core functionality to work with the data: views (I recommend Calendar view), filters, sorts, automations, and more.

To sign up for the beta, fill out this quick form and click the link at the end.

The feature should become available within a few minutes of clicking the link. If it doesn’t, try refreshing the page. Please note that this feature will only work if you’re on a Pro or Enterprise plan.

And if you have any feedback about the feature, please submit it via this form.


Thanks for the update and welcome to the community @Nenya_Edjah :wink:

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Welcome to the community, @Nenya_Edjah! :smiley:

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For anyone interested in using support documentation to learn how to set this feature up click here.

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So it turns out the calendar I want to sync is a public folder rather than a regular calendar? Any ideas how to get that data into a format I can sync?

We don’t support public folders, but if you have access to each of the individual calendars within the folder, then you can combine them into a single table using multi-source sync.

hmm thanks. I will look into that.