New beta: Topic Timer block

Great to hear from everyone, really appreciate the convo.

It’s also great that you are interviewing users. You haven’t said which users you’ve been interviewing, but if you want all users to feel valued, I encourage you to include a public method of getting structured feedback from everyone, so that no-one feels left out. It feels disenfranchising to hear that you are talking to users without having the ability to join the conversation. To quote a popular musical, many people would like to “be in the room where it happens”.

Great call-out. Definitely something I’d like to do. Up until this point I’ve been reading existing user interviews that the team’s done in the past - but would absolutely like to learn from everyone here. I’m thinking a lot right now about how we structure these to make sure we’re getting broad and diverse feedback - but definitely expect a public request for interviews/feedback here in the near term.


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