New Block idea - Form for adding new record

I would like to have the Add record form in a block, so people can easily add data while viewing the spreadsheet.


+1 on a “Form” Block or more generalized “Input(s)” block that would optionally generate a record. I need this to create various calculators. Our sales team needs to enter variables into a form which generates a value. Currently there is no view in airtable that supports having a form in the same context as its generated record.

+1 however I think having the Forms view actually operate as a view instead of a data entry tool would be great. That way a) you could enter data while viewing the context of that data within the record, but also b) you could use the Form view to organize the information in your base and view it contextually (e.g. all info about your client in a simple data card instead of as a row in a spreadsheet).

Doesn’t the “Gallery” view do this? Or is that not what you are talking about?

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Gallery is closest, but to be able to customize the layout (throwing back to early FileMaker Pro/MS Access days) to be able to view in customized order would be the dream here. Thanks for pointing that out!

Like this?

It’s close, but optimally has this amount of information (see attached) visible in one screen (i.e. with no scrolling) and can be customized, moving and resizing fields to optimize that visual space.

Instead of:

Field info.


Field info.


Something like:

FIELD NAME: Field info. FIELD NAME: Field info.

FIELD NAME: Field info. FIELD NAME: Field info.

I see - I gotcha now.

So you want a combination of the “Page Designer” block with a form for data entry.
That sounds like it could be useful!

Jeremy, you kind of nailed it, though tbh, it looks like the Page Designer block is more what I’m looking for (though data entry in that view would be handy). I didn’t know much about blocks and certainly hadn’t discovered Page Designer. I’m not an upgraded user, but I’d definitely consider upgrading to access this feature if it works the way I think it does.

Thanks for all your responses!!


The Page Designer block allows you to design a layout by placing and formatting your “Fields” onto a page -

You have a “Project Name” field, a “Start Date” field, an “End Date” field, and a “Photo” attachment field.

You can drag “Project Name” as a field onto the page, place it at the top, change the font/size/weight to make it a page header kind of deal.

Then drag “Start Date” onto the page underneath the header, format font/size/weight.

Then drag an adhoc “Formatted Text” object onto the page, type a " - " into it, and place it after the “Start Date” field.

Then drag “End Date” onto the page to the right of the “Start Date” " - " you have on the page, and format.

Then drag the “Photo” attachment field onto the page where you want - size it, give it a border, etc.

And end up with something like this (mind, I haven’t gone to the effort to replace those deleted fields…):

And once the layout is made you can apply the layout to each record in the table that the block references (ex. “Projects”). You can click through each record using the arrows at the top, or search for a specific record to pull it up.

You can search for a record to view:

And it shows up like this in your blocks section:

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The big win would be to be able to create layouts like this, but which also serve for data entry, not just display. That’s the thing that I was dreaming of when I made the Forms view request. So you were right on the money when you interpreted it as a mix of Page Designer and Forms view. Imagine how useful it would be if you could design your data entry page and label it for volunteers or other users so that they could easily participate in the project and help generate the data for the base! Anyhow, Airtable is evolving constantly so I look forward to seeing how they handle this idea.

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+1 for a Form Block. In my opinion, the ability to see current/past records at the same time as you’re adding a new record (via a Form) is basically a prerequisite to a modern, best-practice user experience. Flipping back and forth between tabs (wait–did I already create this record? what was the naming convention I’ve been using for this field? what did I estimate for effort for the last task/project similar to this one?) is very sub-optimal.

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Hi Wayne,

We’re beta testing a new feature that lets you view content from other web pages on your blocks dashboard with an embed block. Just enter a URL and the page, video, livestream, feed, post, or widget will appear in a frame on your dashboard. You could use this feature to embed an Airtable form in your blocks dashboard so you can add new records via the form while working in another view in your base.

If you’re interested in trying this out, we’d love for you to request beta access through this form:


Hi there! I wanted to let you know that the embed block has officially launched today, and is available to all pro and enterprise plan customers. If you participated in our beta testing for this block, thank you for your time!

If any questions come up around using this block, feel free to email us at

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