New Book Tracker Database


I’m not sure how but Simon Hørup Eskildsen seemed to have automated his process for books.

I can’t post links but if you google Simon and Airtable, you will come across his website Sirupsen in the top searches.


Hi there! Have you messed around any more with pulling book data from Open Library Books or any other APIs into Airtable?


Unfortunately, I’ve been overtaken by events: I’m in the middle of what is effectively my third home and office move since August, having had two residences sold out from under me in a 4-month period.

Actually, this one is more of a non-move: I’m dumping everything into storage until I figure out my next step. I expect to be an annoying roving houseguest for a while, catching up with distant friends and family I haven’t seen in ages. (My mother’s 96th (!) birthday is coming up, so I’ve promised to spend some time back East.)

The reason I’m bringing this up is that while I’m uncertain what my involvement with Airtable will be long-term, one of my near- and mid-term goals is to work my way through the backlog of unfinished bases and routines I’ve acquired in the past 20 months. (Not to mention trying to rehabilitate my consultancy from damages wrought by having spent most of 4Q 2018 [and 2019 to date] in the back of a U-Haul box truck.) The ‘books read’ base is high on that list.

However, I should mention I’ve lately been leaning more towards integration with Google Books, at least at first. It’s not their best-documented API, but what I’ve found recently leads me to believe it makes available a much larger dataset than I’d thought at first. More importantly, though, somewhere north of 90% of what I read in 2018 was sourced through Google Books, either as Play purchases or uploads, so it only makes sense to start there. I’d like to provide equivalent non-Google functionality, as well, subject to limitations of the source APIs. (Heaven knows I’ll have the time: There is a limit to the number of hours of NCIS a non-nonagenarian can safely watch in a day. :wink:

  1. Just kidding: The woman is more active — and far more productive — than I am. She admits, though, to having started to slow down a bit lately. Since she turned 93, she no longer accepts any civic organization appointments or board memberships for terms of longer than a year, and she’s been trying to commit to 4 or fewer meetings a week. Last I spoke with her, she had pared it back to 5, on average — but as her terms on two committees end this month, prospects are good.


Hi @W_Vann_Hall

I was wondering if something was going on with you and after reading the above post, it seems there is or maybe I was being a pain, always bothering you. :slight_smile:

I often find your posts/replies interesting, so no matter where you post from, you have one member that will be interested.


PS Your mother sounds like a very interesting lady and quite active for her age, too.