New: Custom Blocks Contest with $100,000 in Prizes 🙌

If you haven’t had a chance to test out the developer preview of the Custom Blocks SDK yet, now’s the time to give it a whirl. The platform team is offering big prizes for the best blocks in three categories:

  • Blocks for Business Teams (5 winners)
  • Blocks for Education or Non-Profit (2 winners)
  • Wildcard (2 winners)

With a handy UI kit at your fingertips to make polished interfaces a breeze, a CLI that lets you leverage your favorite developer tools, built-in hosting, and real-time that just works - all working in concert with the user-facing Airtable interface you already know so well - we think you’ll find working with Custom Blocks to build powerful apps fast, easy, and delightful.

We’ve even included some use cases to help inspire your blocks! With more than 170,000 organizations powering mission-critical workflows on Airtable today, there’s a tremendous opportunity to expand the functionality of the Airtable platform and help teams around the world achieve more.

The contest runs until July 6, 2020, so head over to Devpost now to get all the details and register:


@Michelle_Valentine - does this signal an official release of the Custom Blocks platform, or are we still in beta?

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Great question, Jeremy. This is still our beta - now with a more open developer preview. Don’t worry, you’ll definitely know when we fully launch :slight_smile:

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Hey Michelle,

Does Airtable have the intention of creating a ‘block store’ where individuals can create and monetize blocks that expand the functionality of Airtable?


Hi Chris! That’s something we’re exploring, but no concrete plans to share yet.

@openside does a roundup of Scripts found in the forums, maybe they’ll do the same with Custom Blocks


Amazing!!! I just built a tool for creating websites without code using Airtable as a database. This would be a good opportunity for me to turn my templates into blocks as well! :slight_smile:

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@pory do you have an example of how you used Airtable for websites we could see (screenshots)?

Guys, entering the dev and code universe when you build a brand based on no-code requieres better naming conventions (naming is hard indeed)

stuff that makes no sens ;

  • how is Scripting block different than custom block ? In general when scripting you are creating custom logic
  • in there is a reference to the Block SDK, is this sdk also related to the scripting block ? it looks like not, but then change the name so it does not use 50% of the words of “scripting block” feature

my 2 cts