New: Custom Blocks Contest with $100,000 in Prizes 🙌

The submissions are open sourced, so most likely we’ll be able to see them. :slight_smile:

The rules for the contest say that we must include an invite link to the Airtable base where the fully-functioning Block is released.

Make sure you are sending the base share invite link (and not just the URL)

What level of permissions should this invite link include? Creator? Editor? Commenter? Read-only?

My hunch is Creator. If they’re going to test our code, they are probably going to test if we’ve safeguarded against tables/fields being added/deleted.

Kamille is correct. In case you’re curious, we’ll be accessing the base using our email addresses, so it won’t impact any credits / charges for those that are on a paid pro plan.

If you’re reading this after the deadline (July 6 @ 10am PT) and are worried that you granted the wrong permissions, do not worry! We can also release another version of your block by remixing from the github link in your submission. It will save us time and better position your use case to evaluate the block in your desired base though!



How will commits to the GitHub repository after the deadline be handled?

I plan on having my block fully functional finished by the deadline, but I will want to go back and polish up the documentation and comments after the deadline.

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The assessment will be focused on the block you released in the base and the answers provided in the submission. We’re not judging the quality of your documentation (see judging criteria), but always helpful to have clear documentation. Excited to see your block!


Thanks for this info. Regardless of the outcome of the contest, I will be updating the documentation and comments because I believe that quality of documentation is important. I just wanted to make sure that future commits to my repository won’t cause a problem with my entries. (If they would, I can wait until after the hackathon is over before pushing them.)

Same here! :slight_smile: We’re cautious to touch the code we submitted before the deadline, and now updates are pending.

The winners of the contest were announced yesterday. You can see them on the submissions tab.

I’d like to express my appreciation to the judges. Going over all 105 submissions must have been tough work. There were lots of great entries!

If anyone is code-curious, I recommend checking out the entries. Many of the entries (including winning entries) were submitted by people who had never used React before. Many were created in a very short period of time. Some entries were even submitted by people who had never even used Airtable before. Several entries also started life as scripts written for Scripting block. Most of the blocks also have links to their GiltHub repositories, and all of the entries are opensource, so you can see and use the code for yourself.


Congrats to all the winners!

I’d especially like to call out @Kamille_Parks for creating a very nicely designed scheduling block - it was deserving of the prize!

And @kuovonne for giving the judges a run! They just couldn’t bear letting your submission go unnoticed! Nice work :slightly_smiling_face:

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I really do love that @kuovonne’s was so good they added a new prize to give it its due credit!

Thank you @Jeremy_Oglesby and @Kamille_Parks. Kamille, congrats on your block being a winner! It is beautiful and polished. There are some areas of my block that I didn’t have time to polish. Those darn CORS errors and authentication/authorization/security issues took up so much time. It was wonderfully generous of Airtable to create the new prize for my block.

I love how community members inspire each other. Jeremy’s “Schedule conflicts” script inspired your block. Your questions about color palettes on this community inspired me to add color to my Keyword Counter block. @openside’s BuiltOnAir community supported both of us in our block creations.



I’m just starting to discover the Blocks, the Palmares and I will pay attention to every project whose purpose speaks to me even a little!

It’s very difficult for me start to congratulate only one Block, only one Author, but I do it anyway because I’m not a member of the Jury: I had already pinned this Block in the Palmarès while I was still waiting for Kuovonne on another Block’s project that she sometimes talked about in this Community!

I really like this very great idea and I congratulate you for having worked to obtain this pretty generalist result, answering a real need to be able to find its audience I think!
I had immediately pinned, not the keyword ‘wordpress’ but your idea and your block that makes it happen!

However, I find you very (too) humble: you deserve the spotlight and a standing ovation!

Excuse me for my enthusiasm expressed without yet expressing anything to other projects that deserve it as well but it was my first favorite!


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Maybe I’m a total clod, but how do we install these amazing blocks into our own bases and play with them? This is a brave new world for Airtable powered by the incredible community!

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Hi @Paul_Warren! Are you on the Custom Blocks beta yet? You can sign up here:

You can then try out the blocks by using the “Remix from Github” feature. We’ll be featuring some of these in the examples gallery too: