New Data Type: Image URL


I’d love to see a new data type that takes the URL of an image file and renders the image rather than just displaying the URL as a link. I would think that this would save you some storage space as well by letting us link to hosted files rather than pulling them in as attachments.


I have been experimenting with trying to achieve this very thing using a URL to a JPG file stored on Google Drive. I was able to successfully link to a thumbnail view of the image, but nothing more.

I think the attribute of the file on Google Drive was called “Thumbnail Link”.


I was just thinking of this one last week. Specifically if Airtable has access to iCloud Drive where I keep all my project images (not Apple Photos), for obvious reasons.


I also support that idea as it will be a good way to generate barcode and/or QR Code for printing and then scan with the new barcode field type.
Therefore a formula using image(URL) function (like in google spreadsheet) will best answer my needs as the URL has to be built dynamically (based on content of other fields).

Google provide webservice to generate QR (
and I found this webservice for Barcodes (


This seems extremely useful and I can see myself using it a lot.


This would be fantastic, especially if you could combine it with a lookup field so you could auto-pull images using a naming convention. Using a URL like this for example:{NameField}/images/hero-image. jpg


Seconded for supporting thumbnail views of externally hosted images. This would be super helpful for museums and other collections-based organizations that likely already have a digital asset management system. Not to mention the fact it would drastically lighten your server load.

I don’t think a new field type would be required—would just require adding another option in the attachments field dialog.


Agreed, this could be huge for any company that manages an ECOM website with standardized URL- and image-naming schemas. It’d effectively allow Airtable to become a lightweight DAM client.

We also see huge potential for barcodes/QRs, dynamically created based on lookups. Hear, hear!

Barcode Creation

Alternatively, I would suggest support for some simple HTML in the URL Field. We could use formulas to wrap image links in <img src=.

Either way, we could do things like collect Google Static Maps:


Yes please let me display images with a URL just like does. Thanks!


Yes! Support for this feature.


Google sheets supports this feature as well


Yes, I would also love this feature, for instance, feeding from google sheets, via Zapier, a bunch of links that then display as thumbnails. Does not seem to happen right now.


I want to add my vote for this feature as well. Would be incredibly useful for my organization.


+1 Agree. This feature would be really useful. I can export user URL thumbnail from another service, but can’t actually see the pics.


+1 I’m also voting for this feature request. Another idea on how to implement this is by introducing a new IMAGE function. Something like Google Sheet’s IMAGE function. You pass the URL on this function and then it displays the image on the cell of Google Sheet.


+1 for this feature. Not being able to (automatically) display images from URLs is obviously a huge pain for everyone here!


+1 for this. AirTable is great but it has incredibly limited support for sheets with pictures or images. I had to learn how to be an Excel VBS Rocket Scientist just to export images in a logical way that I could import into AirTable since CSV doesn’t support images.


hi David, how did you do it? i want to do the same thing too!


Unfortunately the process didn’t quite work like I had anticipated. It was an incredibly obnoxious process, and it may work better for you. Given the complexity of my situation it did not work. These are the steps I had to go through since AirTable doesn’t inherently support image upload with XSLX files.

  1. Run script that saves all Excel images and names the file based on the row it’s in (example 1.png, 12.png, 55.png etc). The script is on Stack overflow, I’ll paste it in here when I can. I’m having trouble logging in to my account right now.

  2. Save original Excel file as CSV

  3. Upload original Excel file.

  4. Manually upload images 1 by 1 into the column they are named after.

OR, if you are ok with linked images rather than having the image thumbnail appear on your sheet, you can bulk upload all the images into a new gallery view and use a linked column to manually link each image to their associated row. It’s mostly all manual.

It sucks.