New Data Type: Image URL


David did you have the script for this?

Image upload is such a pain in air table, I have a ton of image URL assets that I’d like to port in but can’t…

I would really like the image URL preview link so I can just use my own file attachments instead

The only thing I could possibly think of for uploading images into Airtable is the following workflow:

  1. Open up Airtable spreadsheet
  2. Open up Regular spreadsheet with URL images to port in
  3. Run a Mouse / Keyboard automation macro that grabs each item one by one, puts it over to the airtable link, checks PIXELS for upload successes, and then does each image one by one.

This would assume my airtable spreadsheet and regularspreadsheet have a 1:1 relationship, or that I could use a CTRL+F search for the same primary keys each one shares to grab the image URL

I can’t think of a better way to do this. Not even sure if this would even work correctly either

I would like to see what your script looks like though on SO


for anyone reading this I ended up making a autohotkey macro on this thread:


+1 for this feature! I’m so used to =IMAGE(“URL”) on regular spreadsheets.


+1 I understand that this might be contrary to the AirTable pricing model to allow us to store our images in other clouds rather than uploading them, but there are so many other services that do this (google sheets etc.), I can’t imagine storage is the only way for AirTable to ensure that people purchase plans. In fact, I would pay for the ability to link directly to images stored on BOX or Dropbox, or a simple URL link.
There seem to be many people who want this. Can we get an official reply on why it is not implemented?


+1 This would be incredibly useful in automating our marketing reports


You can use a multi-step zap to copy an image URL created via formula to a true URL/link field, and then also an attachment field. When the attachment field contains a URL to an image, it will display it in-line. We use this to generate and display barcodes.



This is a great solution and thank you for sharing. I will definitely be using it.

It does annoy me that it works with zaps but not when importing a csv or pasting the URL in the attachment field. I have a list of 9000+ products that I’d have to run nicely timed zaps to get those images there and still would be a time saver–I already have ways to use Zapier to populate images for these existing products but it would be great not to use the 9000 tasks and simply paste, in a way that makes it more consistent with the Zapier action (which to ignorant me is like pasting the value in the field)


@polen Agreed, for manual “copy and pastes” I’d argue the Attachment field should accept an Image URL. That said, for automation, you’d likely still need Zapier. In our case, we have a formula that generates a unique Image URL (barcode), which we then need to auto-populate within an Attachment field. Thus Zapier is truly required for us… At least until Airtable adds some sort of scripting.


Yes please! I use air-table to process data that is exported from another software as a CSV, containing many many urls to photos.


Another option might be auto-import of images from a trusted partner, say Dropbox, based on a formula that matches image names. I know manual image import from Dropbox is already possible via Filestack, it’s just not usable via formula/script.


HI everyone.
I was searching for a solution to Upload files through URL, and I found for myself an automation software called Integromat. It’s like Zapier, but as for me much flexible and easier to use. Also there is no limitation for steps, just for operations/month (in the free version).
I created a little video of how to use it. Hope this will be helpful.
Video -


This would be insanely useful in tracking my digital art pieces and prints. I’d appreciate being able to link to my works and sort who bought what based on that image without being limited by the file size.


Hi - would you have you a solution to doing this with a localhost address on my Mac? Like pulling the image from a location address like this into Airtable …




I am having a similar situation, although it might be the other way, sort of… I have an Airtable base for my postage stamp collection. I am now entering into the phase of deciding what is the best way to automatically insert URL’s (I am not really looking forward to doing this manually), since I have about 2,000 records to enter URL’s into the field, for website addresses, in my base. I should mention that I am using the free version on my iPads iOS 10 &11 and MacBook High Seirra 10.13.

The website is:

Then, from there the Integration/Zapier app would need to select a year the stamp was issued, in this case, there are some years that it’s just some of the stamps, but over the past 3 or 4 years, it will be pretty much all of them, i.e.:

Then the integration app would need to match up to the actual stamp that I need, which in this case is the link below, and it’s this page that I want the URL copied into the Airtable base (Website field):

It appears that the 5 digit number (in the above link: 15568 is a unique number, in sequence, although there might be some missing numbers, but it’s still in numerical sequence, assigned to each stamp. The next stamp in order is: 15569, but the next one jumps to 15571. I don’t know if this helps, but I thought I should mention it.

If an integration app (Integromat or Zapier) will not be able to do this directly, then perhaps I could do this indirectly, by using Excel or Google Sheets to populate Airtable, Either, directly into my original base or in a separate base, preferably with an image, so than I can easily copy and paste the URL into the main stamp collection base, using the images as a guide to match to the record, or if any of the above processes used, it can match it directly to the record in the original base, that would be even better. I don’t need to copy the images, since I have a separate field for that purpose. The images (for matching only) would be in its own field in a temporary base or new table within the original base, and a second field would be created (next to the temporary images field) so all the URL’s will be copied or uploaded automatically into each record.

Or maybe I am asking for the moon. :slight_smile:

I only need the the temporary images that are connected with the URL’s for a visual guide, so I can match them correctly with the record in the main stamp collection base.

Also, please keep in mind that this process would be very new for me, so there might be a learning curve involved, but I like to learn new things.

I hope this makes sense.

Thank you.


I don’t think you can do it directly, because, as I know, airtable API doesn’t support URL uploads from a localhost.
The solution would be to upload all your images to a webhosting keeping all the names.
Then just add the web-hosting url to your image file names (for example for image_1.jpg it would be Or if you have the adress database of your images (like file://localhost/airtable-uploads/image_1.jpg), replace the file://localhost/ to . The replacement you can do easily with airtable formulas or google sheet.
After doing that, you can use the solution I showed in the video.

For webhosting you can use your own website hosting(if you have one), just create a new folder in it and upload all your images via ftp.
Basicly, this hosting will be just a temporary storage for your images, as airtable will upload them to it’s own server.


I think you are looking for something like “importXML” function in google sheets. That can get all the needed data from your website. Then you could use the Google Sheets - Airtable integration at to match and upload all that data to airtable



I was doing some research about ImportXML, I am not quite sure how to write the argument for:


This is the website I got the code from, after I selected INSPECT:

I did screenshots of the code, before the block of code, pasted above, and another screenshot just after the block of code.

I want the image of the stamp, in one column and the web address in another column.

Any help would be great.

Thank you,


I made some inspection.

  1. Put your URL to A1 for example (A1=;
  2. put the path //img[@class=“stamp-img”]/@src to A2.
  3. Put formula to A3 (=importxml(A1;A2);
    You will get your image URL.
    If you want to see the image, then there are 2 ways:
    1-st: A3=image(importxml(A1;A2));
    2-nd : B3=image(A3);



Hi 11144

Thank you for your help.

I tried it on the website, as it turned out, the webmaster who created the site, locked out anyone from using the images, here in Canada. I noticed that you were able to access the images, perhaps you live in another continent, so it might not affect your location. I will certainly use the steps that you provided for other websites, hopefully, I will have better luck. :blush:

Thank you,