New Data Type: Location


Could you add a new data type for locations? Types of locations that would be useful are:
-Address (123 First St, City, State)
-Lat / Long (31.12345, -110.12345)
-Military Grid Reference System (11S NV 12345 12345)

This would be incredibly useful if the location is a hyperlink to a map (similar to how an address in the Long Text data field will open up in Apple Maps).

Additionally, if a list of locations on a table could be viewed in a single map view allowing the map to display all of the locations from the table.

[SOLVED] Ability to create graphs, charts, maps from data in Airtable database
Map view - Display records on a map

Please add this!!!



This is exactly what I was hoping to find for a trip I’m planning as well. If it is not a feature yet, please add! Thanks!


Thanks for all of the feedback. We are definitely planning on developing an address/location field type! In the meantime, it’s always helpful for us to hear about the specific use cases for which you all would like an address/location field type. Trip planning is a great suggestion.

We haven’t actually gotten any requests for an MGRS field type, but that’s really interesting as well. Why would you want MGRS geocoordinates specifically?


I am a commanding officer for a military unit and we use Airtable for operational planning (training only). It’s very popular in my unit. I would use the MGRS field for planned locations of units or assets, locations of planning symbols (link up points, line of departure, etc.) and as a report tracker with current location. The last use case would assume that you can add a ‘Use My Location’ function to add the user’s current location in the field. I can’t emphasis how useful this could be. Right now we use various tools that are outdated and don’t work well together. This would allow us to seamlessly syncronzie our information to include location data.


Just a thought - the location field could also be used in conjunction with the barcode scanner field to show the last location you scanned an item.


This is our use case: we are on demand concierge service for travelers, and people tend to ask us about best hotels around the city center, best restaurants/bars/nightclubs around their hotel and so on. That’s why we have a lot of items that are tied to a location. Searching through map (or any other location based search) would speed up our process by at least two fold.

I just wanted to say that I’m a developer and I could spin up my own database, but airtable is just so good that I don’t need to. In future, limitations like this + scale will force us to move to our database (probably). We just like airtable so much and it helps us focus on our core business (and not technical things) that we’ll try to use it as much as possible as long as possible :slight_smile: Keep on the good work! :+1:


In a private Project I am currently helping friends of mine running a funeral service. Airtable would be great to store the location an contact points of places of worship in their area. For some of these places, e.g. in the middle of a forest, a street address is not applicable. Marking Lat/Long on a map would be perfect.

With the given API we could even publish some locations on their site. Showing them on a map.

Typically we would use the Google Maps API or tools like leaflet JS to publish the data.


Yes, Location is a must! It seems perfectly in line with Airtable, which is the use of spreadsheets that interact with useful media.

I run a large area delivery business, and my drivers need a location. Please add this function.


I agree, a location with address and lat/lon would be very useful!! If tapped, it would give “open in…” option to open in Google Maps or iOS Maps or other GPS apps. If long pressed, it would allow copy to clipboard so that user can paste into another field or app.


Location would be awesome!
Having the option of a map view, to see all the locations on a map, would be really nice.
When scouting and scheduling locations for film, it’s great to have a visual reference of what’s where.

Also, clickable map links and a small map next to a record would be useful.
(similar to what certain calendar applications, like apple calendar have)


Location feature- with map view and search, please!

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I agree with Luzius. This is a must-have for Airtable!

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I agree! A location field is a must-have for Airtable! One of Airtable’s competitors, Podio, does have a location field with an accompanying map.

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My use case for a address map would be for my clients. Helpful as I plan travel or find clients clustered in an area to plan events or to get them in touch with each other. Also, seeing where are staff is located in proximity to our clients.


I would like to keep a list of locations i would potentially like to visit around the world. When I go to certain are what I would like to do is to go to the map view and be able to filter out the list and see the remaining locations.


Agree… along with implementation of this field type, the interactivity, reusability, and means of obtaining the data all need to be considered. IMHO this would be an optimal solution:

  • Create Location Data Type. &
    Allow “use my location.” &
    Allow formulas in field type.
    yes, have a location data type, and allow “use my location”, manual entry, or entry by formula

  • Record Location Data along with historical data (ex time stamp) but only for select data items.
    EX. GPS location would be embedded with historical data along with the edit time, user editing, etc when the user updates or adds data …

  1. using the barcode scanner
  2. using a camera
  3. or when the user adds a completely new record.
  • Have Formulas to extract stored Location data from: Historical Data or Postage address.
    It would be extremely flexible a formula allowed the user to extract historical location data from any field that stores such data:
    "If ( [Field_Manual_Loc] = “”, LocExtract( [Field_barcode], “editHistory-First” ), [Field_Manual_Loc] ) " or
    "If ( [Field_Manual_Loc] = “”, LocExtract( [Field_pictures], “editHistory-Last” ), [Field_Manual_Loc] ) " or
    "If ( [Field_Manual_Loc] = “”, LocExtract( [Field_Address], “notApplicable” ) , [Field_Manual_Loc] ) ".

  • Store Location data as Clickable Links in location field.
    As @Joshua_Soule put it:

If tapped, it would give “open in…” option to open in Google Maps or iOS Maps or other GPS apps. If long pressed, it would allow copy to clipboard so that user can paste into another field or app.

  • Feature creep, but still cool, list: In-App mapp preview when field is expanded
    As @Luzius_Fischer put it:

Also, clickable map links and a small map next to a record would be useful.
(similar to what certain calendar applications, like apple calendar have)

  • Feature creep, but still cool, list: a Locations MAP View
    As @Luzius_Fischer put it again:

Having the option of a map view, to see ALL the locations on a single map, would be really nice.


+1 for this feature. I just discovered Airtable about five minutes ago and it looks like a really good fit. Only yesterday I was considering taking a not-very-good spreadsheet shared by organisers of my running club and moving it over to WordPress in order to make something more akin to a database driven CRM - and then along came Airtable the very next day!

My use case is that we are a running club which runs every week to help out charities, not for profits, isolated/elderly people, with physical tasks before running away again. The run leaders share a spreadsheet of ‘tasks’ which comprise some details, a point of contact, who is leading the run and, importantly, where we’re running to. In this way a location field would be really handy as the run leader could easily access a link to Google Maps from the table on their iPhone.


Agree a map of all records would be great. A workaround for a single record for now is to use a formula field like
(((“” & Lat) & “,”) & Long) & "/7z"
this takes Lat and Long from two columns and turns it into an url which will open google maps and zoom (level 7) to the location.
It probably could be used to search for an address as well


Yes please! I’ve even been trying to resort to uploading images and extracting the EXIF data in a script then updating a location field, but even the EXIF data is stripped. The location data type should be able to get the current location on mobile as well.

Huge bonus points for adding a new view that’s a map. A good portion of my tables would benefit hugely from that!