New Data Type: Location


I would also love to be able to add GPS coordinates in Airtable!

I was beginning to think about using Airtable as a personal project manager, especially my personal photo projects.

I often go on location scouting for my very diverse and numerous personal photo projects.
Sometimes I found a great spot, sometimes I come home unlucky but most of the time, I found the perfect spot for at least one of my project by chance, doing something completely different, probably in a hurry, my hands full…

I always have my phone with me, so, a quick snapshot and the GPS coordinates added to Airtable and it’s done, I only have to come back later with my gear.

I know there are many ways available to do that already, many apps etc… I’ve tried some of them and generally if they do a part of what I’m looking for, they don’t do the rest…

As I’m trying to centralize more and more things in Airtable, it would just be great to have that feature ! :smile:


I would use this to add locations to a base I am trying to create for family activities. It is pretty much necessary for want I want to accomplish. I want to be able to populate locations of activities on a map for planning purposes.


+1 to this!

One other potential use is the ability, like in the phone number or email fields, is to enter multiple locations for one record without having to make new columns


+1 to @John_Nunya

It’s nice to be able to have a map on the side but I’d like a mini-map showing the address in some context in each row for my trip planning, not just one aggregated map view


This is not available in beta request form.

What is current status?


I agree that a “CURRENT LOCATION” button would be fantastic. Also being able to have addresses auto-fill like in iPhone Calendar event location field would be stellar.


I honestly just want a location field, not the fancy “Maps block” that you have to upgrade to Pro to be able to even use. I just want a field where I can lookup a place and get a directions link returned. Doesn’t seem that complicated.


I vote for this feature as well - adding a location data type is VITAL :-/ It’s great that the Map Block is available now, but I just need a simple link that opens Google maps or similar so I can get directions.


Also looking for a more simple location feature. The maps feature is great, but a little complex for the regular users in my crew who are contributing.


As a temporary solution, I put the address in a separate field and I have another field with the following formula:

IF(Address = BLANK(), BLANK(), CONCATENATE(“”, SUBSTITUTE(Address, " ", “+”)))


I’m creating a CRM base and a “Location” filed would be nice. Like Phone and Email it would be nice if this field type had behavior on par with other systems, in that clicking on the address would engage map functionality on phone, etc.


This seems like it would really help us! Would you be able to explain your formula a little more? Also, what format do you input into the ‘address’ field?


Yes! a “location type” with address, city/state/zip would be a great help with our mailing list.


Elly, Alexey’s formula works as follows (I am going to use restaurant names for my example):

  1. First create an column for the restaurant names (we will call it “Restaurant”)
  2. Create a 2nd column (I will refer to this as the “google maps link”) and add Alexey’s formula (which I changed to the following):
    IF(Restaurant=BLANK(),BLANK(),CONCATENATE("",SUBSTITUTE(Restaurant," “,”+")))

Here is the breakdown:

  1. IF the “Restaurant” name is blank, then return blank for the “google maps link”
  2. IF the “Restaurant” name is NOT blank, then return the following string of text together:
    *For a google maps link to work there needs to be “+” in between each space of the name of the place you are searching, hence the substitute() formula.

Hope this helps


a simple (lat-long) data type with a map_view on Open Street Map would be super useful.


Currently, geocoded addresses are saved as a base64 encoded string. However, there is no support for decoding base64 to a normal string, making it difficult to access the returned latitudes/longitudes. It would be great to have a way to save lat/lng values as strings! That way, these values can be easily used for external applications.


Would love a location field - address, city, state, zip, etc, with some international support options for different international needs (like province). Doesn’t seem to be a clean or effective solution to separate them all out into individual columns (city, state, etc).


Voting for this, thanks!


Please please please include this. I love using airtable for collecting information about real estate. Here are a few use cases.

  1. Apartment Hunting: I collected about 50 different apartments into a base to share information with my roommate. It would have been really helpful to be able input the address into a field so I could click on the address to go to it on maps or see all of my data entries pooled together on one Google Map

  2. Creating lists of locations: Would be awesome to create lists of, for example, trending restaurants, which could be seen on a google map.

  3. Looking at investment property: Same as the other reasons. I’d like to be able to see properties I’m looking at buying on a map view.


I’m creating IMDb for Tacos: The Internet Taco Database. I need location to add the restaurant where the taco is located. I’m currently using the link from the venue in Foursquare / Gmaps, but would love to add it directly from Airtable.